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The problem using this kind of logic is that it is detrimental to Nadal`s position as the CCGOAT.
No it is not. The only one relatively close to him in clay court achievements is Borg who faced an even weaker clay field. Next.

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]The thing is that both, Nadal and Federer legacy, feed off each other. You can`t downgrade one without afecting the other
By this stupid logic one would have to rank Nadal a top 5 or top 3 grass court and hard court player all time in order to justify the claims Federer is the GOAT on those surfaces.

Nadal has proven he is light years ahead of Federer on clay. He does not have to justify anything via wherever Federer is ranked on clay, which seeing the huge gap between the two on the surface can only be extremely far apart, which already negates any fantasy of many Federer fanboys have that Federer is a top 3 clay courter all time or anything near that.

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Borg on the other hand faced Lendl, Vilas, Panatta,Nastase, Kodes, Clerc, Orantes, etc, all of them would easily have Federer for breakfast on clay.............................. The only ones i would put above Fed during the open era are Nadal, Borg, Wilander, Lendl and Kuerten in that order.
My that is a contradiction if there ever was. Borg did not really face Lendl, they played one year Lendl was FAR from his prime, and in fact 3 years from his first major, they were about as close of being contemporaries as Nadal and Kuerten were. Tennis existed before the Open Era so even if you were right (IMO 6th in the Open Era is generous but plausible, he would rank higher than Mickey Mouse tournament hoarder Vilas that is for sure) pre Open Era greats like Laver, Rosewall, Cochet, LaCoste, Wilding, and others would easily push Federer out of the top 10 all time on clay.

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