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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
So Newcombe ,Stan Smith,Ashe are not worthy opponents at majors?
did he beat them in the majors that he won ? NO ..

he might have beat one or two, but lost to the other ......

like I said , full field = no majors for Kodes ...

Originally Posted by kiki View Post
*******s agree that peak Federer was 2006 and the level of opposition was pathetic
his peak was 2004-2007 ... while level of opposition was relatively weaker in 2006 compared to the other 3 years, it was still pretty good .......

every major in 2006, he faced wayyyyyy more competition than Kodes did in RG 70 ( franulovic ) and wim 73 (taylor) .....

AO 2006 - davydenko/haas/baghdatis
FO 2006 - nalbandian/nadal
wim 2006 - nadal/ancic
USO 2006 - roddick/davydenko/blake

all wayyyyy better than the joke fields of RG 70 and wim 73 ...
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