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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
did he beat them in the majors that he won ? NO ..

he might have beat one or two, but lost to the other ......

like I said , full field = no majors for Kodes ...

his peak was 2004-2007 ... while level of opposition was relatively weaker in 2006 compared to the other 3 years, it was still pretty good .......

every major in 2006, he faced wayyyyyy more competition than Kodes did in RG 70 ( franulovic ) and wim 73 (taylor) .....

AO 2006 - davydenko/haas/baghdatis
FO 2006 - nalbandian/nadal
wim 2006 - nadal/ancic
USO 2006 - roddick/davydenko/blake

all wayyyyy better than the joke fields of RG 70 and wim 73 ...
Sure, Kodes would shiver with panic if he heard the names of Blake,Davidoff,Roddick (on cc), Bagdhatis,Haas and ¡ Ancic¡.I think he would have nightmares for the rest of his live.

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