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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
I'd say the vast majority of rackets do not have the problem you described and lets get real, it really comes down to the player. Alright some rackets do feel odd but that's rare and its definitely not the 6.1. Its possible if the racket is new and the player is not completely used to its response yet, but if you've had the racket for a while its probably not that. Strings could be a possibility. Get yourself some control oriented strings like Volkl Cyclone, WC Scorpion(hybrid), SPP Hextreme Pure (first session using it and it was awesome), and to a lesser extent WC SS (there are others but that's that I've used and liked so far). Don't be lazy about restringing when they are dead. Other than that its excuses and not the equipment.
Some frames do have hotspots in the stringbed. That's a fact. and the 6.1 95 16x18's are one of them. I've hit with them myself, and at the time was using the 90... and there's definitely hotspots, and it wasn't my technique.
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