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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Roland Garros 1982 is one of Vilas's 3 best Roland Garros's as it is one of the only 3 he ever made the final, and he still lost to 17 year old Wilander. Djokovic in his 5 best Roland Garros's has lost to only Federer or Nadal.

Vilas was blown away and fed a bagel to end a striaght sets defeat by Pecci in 1979, and was beaten up by Solomon in 1976, eating two breadsticks. Those are his 4th and 5th best RG performances.

Djokovic was always a tough matchup for Nadal, even on clay. In 2008 he was already a way tougher clay opponent for Nadal than Federer was. LOL at you only giving him credit as being a tough matchup for Nadal when he beats him regularly. By your logic Panatta was only a tough matchup for pre prime (before 1977) Borg and is even less of one.
djokovic did play really well in hamburg 2008 vs nadal and in the 2009 CC masters (rome and madrid) , but he played quite a bit below that level in 2008 RG ....

in 2012 RG, he was very inconsistent ......

panatta also took borg to 5 sets in 78 in a CC match IIRC ...

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
There is no evidence Panatta is any tougher a matchup for Borg on clay than Djokovic is for Nadal. At this point you are just spinning your wheels, you were wrong, plain and simple.
at RG, I would say there clearly is and the matches/stats clearly point to that ......

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