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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
uhh, no ... djoker isn't better than lendl/panatta/vilas on clay , federer isn't better than lendl on clay either ....

Notice that I mentioned puerta/almagro for nadal as well ....because they were playing well ...

the question was the fields that borg/nadal faced ..... you stated that borg's was weaker just like that ... I don't think that is the case at all ...

as far as CC GOAT is concerned, nadal has the most convincing case and probably is , but borg is pretty close ....
Abmk is (as usual) quite correct in his opinions here.

Lendl is easily top-10 on clay. Fed is second-10. It is not close.

As for CC GOAT: Nadal is no. 1, Borg is no. 2. It is very, very close.
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