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Ross, I'm in a similar situation and had the opportunity to hit with a few sticks lately. My short list came down to the following:
Roddick Pure Drive, Head Instinct MP, Dunlop 400 Tour, Yonex 100s and XI 100 and the Wilson Juice (Pro and Non)

After hitting with all of these for a few minutes, some were nixed right away. Both of the Juice frames (way too stiff and vibrations were bad), XI 100 (way too much power, lacked control).

Something felt off with the Dunlop for some reason, wish I could elaborate. I could probably learn to love it and seemed to be a nice stick. Same goes for the Head Instinct, my problem with it was I felt it could get pushed around by a heavy ball.

Even though I know that the RPD is a stiff stick, it didn't play that way to me on that day. I may just have not had enough time with it to accurately judge it. (Same could be said about all of these frames though.) What worked for me as soon as I began hitting with it though was the Vcore 100s. It seemed that I could do no wrong with it. I hit some nice serves, hit several nice slices and drop shots and hit penetrating shots as well. Spin was great coming off the string bed as well. I also did not feel that the frame would get pushed around by the heavy ball. It was strung with Yonex 850 multi and seemed a little mushy, but it worked for me. Felt easy on the arm, build quality is amazing.

Just my thoughts on the stick; give it a try.
Bill - Returning after 15yr. hiatus
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