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Originally Posted by ced View Post
Vibration may have been a bad choice of words on my part .... it is a vibrating sound that is made no actual vibration is felt in the hand or arm.

Whatever it is is a fluke with this particular racquet and not, I'm sure indicative of the line ....... I'm sure Paul and i will reach a compromise, credit, replacement or something that is satisfactory to both of us. The racquet itself plays well, it just makes an occasional vibrating sound (nothing is transmitted to the arm) , comfort and feel is outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul's product. Let me emphasize that nothing is really noticeable when playing, only when striking the palm of your hand with the racquet face.

The Angell racquets are beautifully designed and put together and I'm probably going to purchase another.
Cool. OK I get it now.

But the vibrating sound could be again a vibration, just one that does not bother you physically. If it is inherent to the design, I am not sure how it can be dampened without changing the racket's specs like weight.
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