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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
You are a true lost cause.

Panatta won the FO ( beat Borg twice at RG, though you may not know who Borg was), Vilas won the FO and many other major cc events and Lendl won 3 RG titles, that is 2 more than Fed/Djoker combined.

Kodes won 2 FO to Fed 1 and Djokovic 0.

You are lowering your country´s inteligence average which each passing post...and you´re country is huge.
dumbo kiki, learn to read ...

here again , bolded for you :

Originally Posted by abmk View Post
uhh, no ... djoker isn't better than lendl/panatta/vilas on clay , federer isn't better than lendl on clay either ....
you fail again, as usual .......bah !

what exactly do you know btw ? you can't read, have near zero knowledge of tennis, can't compose sentences in English properly, make the same spelling mistakes time and again, even though many post the correct spellings ......... are you really that thick or just pretend to be ?

and finally federer > kodes on clay and by some distance ......

federer has 1 RG, 4 other RG finals ( losing only to nadal in them ) and 5 CC masters and a total of 10 clay court titles, which is 2 more than the the total number of titles that Kodes won in his entire career .......

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