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Default Roger, still looking for a new machine?

Comments on machines:

The Star 5 and Sensor pull fast, but both overshoot reference by +8 pounds**, The Baiardo and Yonex are nearly perfect, slight <1.0 pound overshoot.

The Baiardo pulls slower and uses half "Vee" Frame supports, whereas the Babolats use full Vee arm supports. Yonex has user selectable pull speeds.

The Babolat arms are forged metal and very rigid for the best 6 point support in the industry. Star 5 does has shorter jaw length than Sensor, so does leave micro abrasions in some poly strings which leads to premature breakage. Star 5 has most rigid clamp base system and has least drawback of these machines.

Also consider the Yonex Pro-Tech: Newest version features diamond dusted 4 fingered clamps, full Vee metal core frame supports, near zero overshoot of reference tensions. Extremely reliable.

Sorry, I don't have experience on TF 6000, but would love trying the Ergo Pro.

Albert Lee,
Star4, Star 5, Sensor, Yonex Pro Tech. Next Ergo Pro.

** as measured on Japanese Laboratory Grade peak reading force gauge: Shimpo FGV-100XY
Pro Tour Stringer
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