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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Prime Federer >>>> 1981 version of Lendl (light years from his prime). 5 years of Federer >>>>> 1 year of Lendl. In the case you think one year of baby Lendl is tougher than many years of prime or slam winning Federer, you must really think Federer is not even a top 50 clay courter of all time then, lol! Djokovic's career is far from over and you are comparing him to retired players who you are evaluating based on their finished achievements. Djokovic is quite likely to end up as a better clay courter than Panatta and Vilas, if he wins atleast 1 RG he almost certainly will be. Djokovic at RG has only lost to Nadal and once to Federer every year since 2006 except for one. Vilas at RG lost to a slew of weaker players, was blown out by Vilas and lost to a 17 year old Wilander in 2 of his finals, and won his RG title in a joke boycotted year where his final opponent was Gottfried. Panatta is not considered some super great clay courter and never was, just a tough matchup for Borg. I would be willing to bet money Djokovic atleast 5 different years wins RG with Vilas's 77 draw, his 2007-2012 version in 1977-1982 has a better RG record overall than Vilas, and so on.

No Lendl in 1981 and Mickey Mouse tournament hoarder Vilas is not tougher competition on clay than years of Federer and Djokovic.
Djokovic better than Vilas on clay ? I can't believe it. Vilas won 45 tournaments on clay (this is the record), won 2 Grand Slams on clay (FO and USO) and all major tournaments on this surface (Rome, Madrid, Monte-Carlo, Hamburg ...). I don't think FO 77 was a joke. Vilas beated Fibak, Ramirez, and Gottfried, who were top ten players (+ Stan Smith, a Grand Slam winner). Gottfried was n4 at that time, and beated Borg in the beginning of the year. In USO, on clay, Vilas beated Higueras, Solomon and Connors. I think Vilas is much much better than Djoko on clay.
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