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Why would you keep mentioning the "Clay Court specialist" crap? Only the judgmental types called him that and they've all changed their minds now. Nobody in their right mind would still call Nadal a clay court specialist. If you bring up that term just to denigrate Federer, you're denigrating Nadal more. Seriously, I can't believe the lengths people go to just to make their case while defeating their own purpose.
Rafa was definitely a clay-court specialist in 2006. I mean prior to Wimbledon 2006, Rafa had won 2 Roland Garros titles and hadn't even made a slam final of the other slams. He was still adapting to the other surfaces. He had zero decent results at Wimbledon, and never made the semis of an Australian Open/US Open. That's not a criticism. Its a compliment, because it shows how far he has come since then.
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