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Default Self-managed tennis court reservations is a free and ad-free online app I have developed.

ReservationSchedule will appeal mostly to self-managed Court venues (where people presently sign up themselves) like neighborhood courts or county/city courts (where there may be no reservation system at all presently).

The app is hosted by Google, although I have no connection with Google. Only the person administering the venue/center/... , not the person making reservations, must have a Google account or register in any way. So the app closely resembles the traditional paper-and-pencil sign-up page.

I have created an imaginary venue of tennis courts named "Brians". Once you get to the link just type that name into the text field, honoring the capitalization. You will not need to register at all. On the other hand if you like -- and of course, I hope you *do* like -- click the "Signin" link and create your own venue and experiment with it. Deleting anything is easy, including your venue.

My application was tested by a friend whose neighborhood might transition from a completely paper-and-pencil reservation system to an online sytem. His club displays reservation pages for 3 days at all times, and each day before the courts open a volunteer removes "yesterday's" page, and adds a fresh page to complete the 3 day span. To replicate that policy/practice online, all reservations for "Today" must be done in person, but future days can be done online, and such a schedule works just fine on Many other scheduling practices are supported, too. One of the courts at the imaginary venue behaves like my friend's courts.

Presently, the only security the reservers have is very subtle and often would not be used; there is a time stamp on the reservation sheet that, if printed or saved somehow, would validate the time the reservation was made, and discourage others from erasing the reservation at a later time. So it is perfect for neighborhoods and homeowner associations.

By the way, in the case where presently there is no reservation system, (like a county or city), the municipality might have to add signage at the court venue to inform the public. And where there are two or more courts side-by-side, I suppose they might want to leave one as is.

I would greatly appreciate any comments and especially any promotion of

Brian in Atlanta
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