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At this moment Vilas is officialy "greater" than Djokovic on clay because of the numbers. However Djokovic is only halfway through his career, Vilas's career is long over. Lets wait until Djokovic's career is nearly over then compare. If Djokovic wins a French, and he should win one, he will rank over Vilas on clay probably. His French Open record would be better by then, I already mentioned how Vilas only had 3 decent French Opens ever, and he is likely to end up winning atleast as many Masters type events than Vilas in his career too. I dont care how many tiny events in some remote part of the World Vilas won while purposely ducking Borg, Vilas was the Muster of the mid 90s in that sense, except unlike Muster who was by far the Worlds best clay courter for 2 years (despite his 96 RG flop), Vilas was never considered the best, not even in 1977 did people consider him better than Borg on red clay anyway, so someone like Muster is even clearly superior to Vilas on clay due to his decisive 2 year reign, even if his RG record is even worse. I actually expect Djokovic will end up being considered over Federer on clay by the time his career is over, although this is less certain.

As for who is the better or tougher to face, I would say Djokovic hands down. Just look at Vilas's scores over the years vs Borg on clay, absolutely pathetic. Contrast that to Djokovic vs Nadal over the years on clay, often winning a set, winning 2 matches in straight sets, having match points in another, all vs prime Nadal. I also cant see Djokovic being as hopeless year after year vs Borg on clay as Vilas was, and no way would Vilas push Nadal as hard on clay as Djokovic has. I also dont see Djokovic if he is playing well enough to reach a final losing to a 17 year old nowhere near his prime Wilander in his debut slam final. I could go on forever basically.

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