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Originally Posted by fusion91 View Post
When you say "tacky side", are you referring to the side that isn't covered with a plastic protector when new? Because I would hardly call either side of Tourna Grip tacky when new, especially when compared to actual tacky OGs like Wilson Pro or Yonex Supergrap. But to answer your question, I start with the "softer side" (the side with the plastic protector) first, then flip it over and use the other side for practice or other non-match situations.

I've found the differences in sweat absorption on either side to be marginal. Just wipe it down with a towel every once in a while between points.

Like jonestim said, it really depends on how much you sweat. I like this grip because of how it feels before and especially after I start sweating a lot. It gave my hands a secure grip every time. I've never had to worry about my grip slipping late in a match when the tackiness -- and thus, usefulness -- of other grips would have started to wear out.

I've never gotten any blisters from all my years using Tourna Grip, but I admit that I've developed a few very shallow calluses on my palm and fingers.
Oh. Ok that makes sense, i guess i don't really sweat too much while hitting. So I'm guessing Tourna grip users will never use Pro OG? <-- Turns to paper after too much usage....
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