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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
You don't understand me. I am saying that it is size that is correlated with power, not height. Do you seriously believe that a guy like Mike Tyson (5'10'', 210+ lbs) wouldn't hit harder groundstrokes than Djokovic, given equal skill? Tall people aren't usually powerful. Big people are. If in tennis, somebody was deemed "too small" to develop power, I would understand. But they say "too short" which doesn't make sense to me. A 5'10'' tall, 210 lbs guy should, given good technique, hit harder than a 6'2 tall 180lbs guy.

In serving, I agree that height matters a whole lot. But for power of the ground it really shouldn't.
You don't seem to know how to hit a tennis ball efficiently. Stocky guys generally can not hit tennis balls nearly as hard a long flexible guys. You can't throw a brick as fast as you can crack a whip (cracking the whip is when the tip goes supersonic).

Some day there will be a short guy who becomes #1 again. From the early days of tennis most of the top guys have been 6' to 6' 3". There have always been exceptions to that rule - guys who beat all the taller guys. There will be again. It is a disadvantage to be shorter than 6', but not one that can't be overcome if the shorter player is the better player.
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