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Originally Posted by Marius_Hancu View Post
He was a lord, went to Murray and congratulated him. And smiled.

Compare with the poor, poor show Murray did in their last match.

And remember: it's 2-1, and the last was won by Raonic. He's beating him on all surfaces. Showing him who's boss.
Let's not get carried away. I am a Raonic fan but he has a long way to go to be the boss of Murray. He will have to beat Murray in a slam for it to really mean a lot. With that said it was a great win over Murray but then he went and blew it and lost the match to Nishikori to win the tournament. Raonic's problem is he can get a big win or two but then he can't go the distance and beat the next top guy to win the tournament. He is going to have to change that pattern if he wants to really get somewhere.
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