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Vilas is a long way in front of Djokovic on clay.
Lets see if he still is when their careers are over. I somewhat doubt it. Being a Muster fan I know you are perfectly happy to overcredit many extra rinkey dink clay titles, although as I said Muster atleast dominated the whole clay scene in 95 and 96, something Vilas never did.

If Djokvoic wins a French, reaches another 2 French Open finals, and wins atleast another 2 Masters on clay, which is probably atleast 70% likely to happen by the end of his career, will many people rank Vilas over him? The obvious answer is no, and those who do will only have Vilas's record at tiny clay events most couldnt be bothered to play as their argument, and almost all will be partial fans of Vilas.

As I said I wouldnt even be surprised if Djokovic ends up surpassing Federer on clay (although not nearly as sure on this as I am relatively sure of him passing Vilas's clay status eventually), and Federer is obviously above Vilas on clay.

As far as level of play Djokovic at his best is already easily better than Vilas "1 to 3 games per set vs Borg"

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