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Was Vilas the undisputed best clay courter in the World in peoples eyes in 1977 the way Muster was in 1995 and 1996? NO. Nearly everyone still considered Borg the best, and Vilas could not beat Borg head to head anywhere even that year, not even his beloved clay, in fact both times they met on clay this year he was drubbed, winning 17 games total in 6 sets of clay court tennis between the two. As a Muster fan you are in fact insulting him to suggest Muster those two years was anything like Vilas in 77. Muster those two years was the man on clay. Vilas in 77 was the man on clay only when Borg didnt play.

I guess you could give Vilas top honor on green clay that year, especialy as Borg was in the draw at the U.S Open even though he did not finish a match with injury. However red clay was still Borg by a landslide, and everyone knew it. By your logic Sue Barker and Virginia Ruzica were the top clay courters in the World the years the won the French during this period, not Chris Evert (who skipped every French from 76-78 due to money making commitments which often took priority over the French around this time). It would be one thing if Vilas won when he met Borg on clay, or even if they hadnt played at all on clay this year, but that is not the case.

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