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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
Really? I'm not even saying Oscars methods should be deliberate but the swing mechanics of this montage shows to a t what Oscar is saying.
Racket accelerates as it approaches contact. Right after contact the arm pulls across as the biceps is contracted as forearm pronates.

I think I know what Oscar is getting at. He is trying to instill a mental picture of what should happen. I have read his small book and while simplistic it paints certain pictures of positions and movements you achieve in certain parts of tennis strokes. His is meant to guide your stroke. The big picture allowing for individual nuance.

You have to remember when Oscar was first applying his methods the majority of tennis coaches world wide were adamant about closed stance fh and hitting in the direction of the balls intent. The hit through 5 balls thing. Finishing into the line of the shot as long as possible. What Oscar proposed was pretty different.

Now, it is hard to distinguish Oscars methods from other modern coaches because people are using the same fundamental principles. But it does not diminish the fact that Oscar could of been the first to try to dissect the archetypical type of modern tennis mechanics and coaching.
Here is on more picture of Federer forehand.

Figure 1. Federer I/O forehand

This is a typical Federer FH. It is his bread and butter.

1. He starts hard acceleration from image #3, not in the end of the forward swing as Wegner explains. The maximum acceleration you can see in my post 137. So, about acceleration Wegner is completely wrong.

2. Around impact images 7 and 8 the end of handle moves along of perfect circuit due to the arm is straight, thus the radius of rotation is constant, and center of rotation is stable, images 7 & 8. There is no special sideway motion and change in the arm path. Wegner is wrong again.

3. Before impact the racquet moves to the right and cannot produce clockwise sidespin, but only counterclockwise, not like Wegner says.

4. Images from 1 to 7 make obvious that Federer straightens the elbow and he begins bending elbow long after impact, see image 11. But, Wegner explains that we should bend elbow before contact point.

Thus, practically all Wegner explanations about Federer FH are misleading!!!
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