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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Do we know how many matches in a row that Tony Wilding won on clay after twice losing to Max Decugis at Wiesbaden in May 1910?
I would really love to know this too. I made the statement based on the number of tournaments he won, on clay, in that 4 year period from May 1910 to 1914 given the average number of rounds played at a tournament. It's clear that he holds the record (given tournaments won x rounds per tournament), but as to what the exact number is I don't know.

When in May 1910 were the losses? I have him winning 32 straight clay court tournaments from late May 1910 to the World HardCourt Championships on clay in 1914. Lets say that those tournaments had an average of 4 rounds.... that is 32 x 4 = 128 clay streak. But what is the right number - it possibly is higher than that (I think the World Hardcourt championship possibly had 6 rounds but I am not sure)?

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