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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Should they reevaluate who gets an guaranteed BCS birth after every season?

Or should they eliminate automatics and just have the top 10 play in BCS games? Would have been an all Big 10 / Pac 10 affair not long ago. Now it would be an all SEC with a few Pac 10 tossed in. Sure would make it hard for the schools to plan financially.

Of course if we go to that format, the logical thing would be to eliminate college football altogether. Just have an NFL minor league(s). College football would then be basically an intramural sport.

By the way, I'd be fine with that. Would everyone else?

They shouldnt have to reevaluate after every season. If your conference champion isnt even a top 20 team (like the Big East a few yrs ago when UCONN went and possibly how the ACC could be if NC State wins it), you shouldnt get the enormous payday and recognition of a BCS birth.
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