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Originally Posted by Dino Lagaffe View Post
1) Weight: 342 g / 12.06 oz
SW: 310
Flex: 62
Balance: 31 cm

2) Weight: 339 g / 11.96 oz
SW: 305
Flex: 63
Balance: 31 cm

3) Weight: 340 g / 11.99 oz
SW: 304
Flex: 62
Balance: 31 cm

The only mod is an overgrip, the same kind on all three of them.
Originally Posted by Dino Lagaffe View Post
I added silicone in the handle and lead at 10 and 2 to racquet number 3 above, which brought it to the following specs:

Weight: 353 g / 12.45 oz
SW: 331
Flex: 62
Balance: (Not measured yet.)

I had it strung with Babolat RPM Blast @ 24 kg / 53 lbs and played for an hour today. The stick felt extremely solid and comfortable. I'll edit this post later to add more.
It's been a while since I last used my PSLs, but I decided to give them a go again. I started with one of the unmodified ones, and immediately realized why I liked them so much in the first place... Given the low sw and hl balance you can get some good racquet speed fairly easily, which makes it a blast to kick serve with, in spite of its tight string pattern. Another benefit is that one can be a little late sometimes and still get a decent shot at the ball, just by the flick of the wrist. Obviously you have to have a wicked racquet speed to make up for the specs if you want to hit a very heavy ball.

That's why I decided to give one of my PSLs a silicone and lead makeover. When I first tried it out a couple of years ago, I didn't appreciate the change at all, feeling it had become too polarized in its weight distribution for my liking. This time around it suits me much better for some reason... It hits a way heavier ball than the unmodified ones, but of course one can't afford to be as late. What surprised me a little bit though, was that it felt almost as easy to serve with as the original one, but with a lot more bite.

Others have mentioned that it works great with low tensions, and that seems very likely to me. I'm usually stringing my racquets at no more than 50 lbs anyway.

I use different racquets all the time, but my "go to"-racquet has been the Head TT Radical MP (199 for a while now. That's probably my favorite of all time, but I'm really glad I rediscovered my PSLs, which seems to be an underrated stick.
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