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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
What is your point.
I would have thought that was obvious. You have to be in the tournament in order to have any chance of winning it. Borg chose WTT over the French Open in 1977. Vilas chose to play the 1977 French Open and won it in dominant fashion. Along with Vilas, the 1977 French Open had players like Panatta, Nastase, Ramirez, Solomon, Gottfried, Kodes and Dibbs in the draw, so trying to discredit Vilas' win is poor form. Borg knew the consequences of playing WTT, and that meant a banning from that year's French Open, as established by Connors' failed legal action against the French Tennis Federation in 1974.

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Borg skipped the French which Vilas won, both Borg and Vilas were dominant on clay where they each played that year, but the two times they played Borg spanked Vilas like always, and Muster on clay in 95 and 96 was hands down the best clay courter in the World which Vilas never was. That was exactly what I already said. So your post is for what reason exactly?
Vilas' dominant form in 1977 was in the second half of the year, and he didn't meet Borg then. For most of their careers, Borg beat Vilas by one-sided scores, but it always felt closer than the scorelines suggest and you just have to watch the 1978 French Open final to see this. Borg beat Vilas like he did because he was a little bit better in all the strong aspects of Vilas' game. But with Vilas in his peak form in the second half of 1977, who knows what would have happened had he faced Borg then? The point is, Vilas, through his sheer activity that year, and winning both clay-court majors, was the best player.
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