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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
Nadal not being around is not Federers problem nor is he to be blamed for it. It is Nadals problem. He has been around to little exept on clay to be a goat candidate. Something Federer has done to abundance. Not being around enough is Nadals issue and the reason why he was nr 2 for most of the era. Pretty simple.
First of all Nadal has been around. They have met 8 times in slam finals....that's more than anyone in history .

Secondlyits not Feds fault but it is Feds problem.....a very big problem because the only way Federer can win a slam is if it's not against Nadal. That makes his record look very questionable indeed.

Third rankings mean nothing. That's only a paper argument as is all of Fed is the goat argument.
On paper azerenka was the best , Jankovic, safina... even Becker never attained year end number one status ...hell even roddick and Ferraro were number 1. Means absolutely nothing.

What was Sampras ranking in his last USO ? Was he even in the top 20?
"Federer has to beat Nadal(if he wants) to be considered the greatest ever, certainly in my book." Pete Sampras

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