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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
The butt cap looks good, that is about it, the racquet itself still looks as ugly as the the current, I don't see any drastic change in how it looks but the butt cap.

What i don't understand is :
A- all the fuss about this racquet, current/new since it's a horrible racquet, the worse I ever put my hands on, this is a low standard racquet quality wise, not even for free, getting 10 of them, I'd play with.

B- Too much focus on stiffness rating, my current racquets have high stiffness and are still arm friendly.
Its all about star power...any racquet used by gavin rossdale, jon lovitz, rafael nadal, michael chang, tsonga, woz, schiavone, querrey, baker, paire and countless immortal 4.5 league ringers is gonna get attention whether it plays well or not.

Also hope springs eternal that they will finally make one that doesnt feel like an empty soda can...
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