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Originally Posted by RogerFan1991 View Post
First, Federer has played just 7 more matches than last year as of this date; second, Federer may not be so tired physicaly, because he hasnt played in 3 weeks, he lost early in the US Open, where he just played 4 matches, and all of those were short, he won cincinnati with an acumulated of 6 hours, loosing no sets, all pretty fast matches, and he didnt play toronto. He may yes be tired mentally, but that goes for djokovic too, and in fact, who may yes be much more tired is Djokovic, who played this week, reched us open final, where he had to play 5 sets, he played consecutively olympics, toronto and im gonna leave this by your judgment.

And one more thing, im sure federer feels more uncomfortable playing tsonga than djokovic in indoors, believe me. So dont think this year there's better competition, maybe different competion.

I mean, dont just be so confident because you may receive a big and swiss surprise in the end.
Yes he played more matches at this point than last year, he is 1 year older again - harder to regenerate and so on so on.. he won´t be as fresh for indoor season he was 2010-2011 - that´s just fact.

Competition will be tougher, simply Nole wasn´t there last year, this year he will be there - yes he played a lot, but he can handle it in 2009 he played most matches on tour and won Basel, Paris, won 2/3 matches at WTF just set-games differential stopped him from advance from RR group

Murray will be as good as last indoor season if not better, Tsonga-Berdych should be fine indoors with their games - with no wind there are both top 5 indoors

Rafa is irrelevant indoors so doesn´t matter he is not here. So competition will be at least little bit tougher if you want or not those are facts

Yes i am confident to say Roger won´t win Basel, Paris, WTF - i am 100% sure about it, 31 year old guy who has play a lot alredy in this season won´win 15 matches - or 14 i am not sure if BAsel is 4 or 5 match tournament for top seeded - simply Roger won´t win 14-15 matches in 3 weeks at hig age and with Nole, Andy, Berdych,Tsonga around, either Andy-Nole will exhaust him in long rallies one match or Tsonga-Berdych will blow him off the court or he just will skip-tank Paris- which is not so unrealistic if you think about it.

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