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Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
what a bunch of boloney ... Djokovic played less tournaments than Fed this year and did much better at slams. before you post something stupid check your facts first. why is Novak leading the race, 1500 points ahead of Federina? Let me tell ya, he is simply having a better year than Fed. Beijing is only 2nd 500 tournament Novak played this year. yeah, Fed didn't play 'all' masters meaning Rogers cup in Toronto but he managed to play in Rotterdam vulturing 500 points there.

and good luck with Fed retaining #1 spot and 'making something special'. he won't defend his 3000 points, regardless what Djokovic does plus Djokovic can only gain points and he has nothing really to defend in next 3 tournaments. Novak would need to lose in R1 of all tournaments he enters and that ain't happening. Remind you, except Madrid where he lost in QF, Djokovic reached semis/finals/wins of all tournaments he entered this year.

Observing his very fine form in Beijing, this trend will probably continue. Fed's lack of play (didn't play any tournaments after the USO) also might cost him in Shanghai, although he has a relatively easy draw there till semis, where Murray will be awaiting. Djokovic won both Paris and WTF before, and altough Fed is a better indoor player, Novak is pretty good indoors too.

so, there you have it. my analysis is pretty realistic unlike your day dreaming.
Well, i dont think this anlysis is too realistic: Federer played just one more tournament than djokovic, and that tournament is an atp 500, while djokovic played two more masters, so big difference of points there, the atp says federer played 16 including the 2 davis cup play-offs federer played, so realistically roger played 14 tournaments and nole 13.

Another thing is federer has won more tournaments than djoko, so its not realistic to say nole had a much better year than fed as you say.

Also, federer played two matches best of five vs netherlands soon after us open, and he won them in straights, dont think he's gonna be with lack of play.

And you should take in consideration that djokovic has been playing so much, he played consecutively olympics, toronto and cincinnati, reacheing the final of the las two, then a 5-set final vs murray at us open, then beijing, whilr federer has managed his calendar in a better way, not playing toronto nor beijing, and he lost early in the us i wouldnt be surprised if a tired nole suffers a few shock defeats in coming tournaments.
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