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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
As annoying as Toni can be,he has NEVER reached the level of ****,or ****'s family/team. His coach is pathetic,and writhed around half naked on top of an SUV last year after Madrid. He did this right in front of the player's hotel where everyone was sure to see him. And don't even get me started on ****'s trashy family where their mouths are bigger than their brains. Remember the crap his Wicked Witch of the West mother has said over the years? His drunken father as well? To refresh your memory,here is a doosy from this years RG:

And just for good measure,his coach humping an SUV after Madrid last year:

Has Toni Nadal ever said or done anything as classless as either one of these things? No,he hasn't.
hm, disagree with you about Vajda who is a super nice, humble guy. That thing in Madrid is irrelevant and it meant nothing.

As for Nole's family, yes, as I said already, they tend to be very annoying especially his father. His mom also said that stupid thing 'King is dead' and people here reacted as if Djokovic said it, but it has nothing to do with Djokovic who actually managed to mature very well as a tennis player and a young man. Nowadays, Djoko goes after his own bossiness and that's it.

I know you dislike Novak, but you are also exaggerating a lot. sorry babe
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