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Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post

Guy in white beats both these BENCHMARK 4.0 PLAYERS any day of the week and twice on Sundays.
Guy in dark destroys them any day of the week with no more than 2-3 games lost per set ... when he's playing badly.
Now go learn something about how people look on video except from watching Djokovic vs Federer on HDTV.
Not sure why you bolded and put in all caps "benchmark 4.0". All benchmark means is that he played in playoffs. You can have a losing record and be the weakest player on a 4.0 team that made playoffs and still be benchmark. It does not imply some kind of standard level of play. In fact the players in question played one match in playoffs and lost in straight sets. He mostly plays dubs with a .500 record.
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