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Default BAG CLEAR OUT: Wilson, Head, Becker, Volkl, Priince

Lots for sale: Need to get rid of. Have new sticks coming in, and no space in the old bag....

3x Wilson N6.1 95 16x18 - 4 and 1/2 grip
#1) unstrung, 8.5/10
#2) unstrung, 8/10
#3) unstrung, 8/10

- - would love to sell all 3 of these together as a group but willing to part out as well. All three show normal signs of use around the headguard, and small scuffing around the white PWS paint as per usual with this model frame. They are stucturally sound though, and will make a gret addition to someones collection.

$180 for all 3 + shipping

1x Wilson n6.1 95 16x18 with 4 and 3/8 grip
-9/10 condition, strung with synthetic gut approx 58 lbs
- - very little signs of use, but some small scuffing around headguard and around white pws paint. Very solid frame. Will sell for $75

1x Wilson n6.1 95 18x20 with 4 and 3/8 grip
-9/10 condition, strung with synthetic gut at 58 lbs
-- Great condition considering the age. VERY light scuffing around the headguard, and some small marks around the PWS white paint on the sides. A few small marks on the foil lettering on the throat as well. Will sell for $75

Will sell all 5 Wilson n6.1 95 for $265 shipped. Not even $60 per racket. A great deal for someone who likes the frames or wants to trade for something else.

1x Boris Becker 11L with 4 and 5/8 grip
- 9/10 condition, strung at 58lbs
very light but almost no scuffing around headguard. small scuff at 3:00 on one side, and that is it. Almost perfect racket, but a couple signs of light use. $60

1x Prince 03 Speedport White with 4 and 3/8 grip
9.5/10 condition and strung with prince lightning 17 at 57
- - this was my gf's frame and she moved on to a new model. She barely played with it so it is in like new shape for a used frame. The paint all around is perfect but there are a few small scuffs on the headguard and the white grip is slightly dirty haha. Will sell for $65 shipped

1x Head YouTekRadical MP with 4 and 3/8 grip
6/10 condition and unstrung
- - this racket has seen some war. Would be a good backup for someone looking for a structurally sound frame but not overly concerned with the condition. lots of scufing and marks from play, but no chips. $50 shipped

1x Volkl V1 clasic. All black with yellow side grommets and stripes. 4 and 1/8 grip. 9/10 condition. Unstrung.
- - very few signs of use on this one as most of my sticks are babied. I dont know which year model this is but the grip code says v11015.1. Comes with logo dampener as well. $75 shipped

Will sell all 9 rackets for $450 shipped. Taking out shipping that is not even $50 a frame... This is a great deal for someone who collects frames or wants to try a few different ones cheap and either keep or flip for different frames. I just don't want to take the time to do it haha.

Will consider trading for Head Speed MP 18x20, Pacific Pro Vaccum 90, or other players frames with 4 and 1/2 grips.

Thanks everyone!
4 PS97. My shoulder decided enough was enough with the heavy frames
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