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Toni Nadal: ´Roger Federer is better than Rafael Nadal. The ATP and ´favorable to the Swiss´

Toni Nadal raises the Master end of the year: ´I wonder why you can not play on clay courts´
Is it me or does that seem like something Google translated?.

Cannot find any sources in Portuguese or Spanish to see if there's some mistranslation...

Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
I don't think Toni has seen a carpet or an old grass court, then.

I guess he doesn't describe that as "real tennis", though. This is the only era that a guy like Nadal can win all 4 majors. In every other era he'd have success on clay and maybe win 1 AO with a good draw but not have a prayer at the old US Open or Wimbledon.
Yeah right. He still won them, and beating the best at that. Which wasn't the way some other top player managed to win all 4...

Originally Posted by above bored View Post
Haha, the way Nadal and his uncle talk, anyone would think that all tournaments used to be played on clay and the atp changed the surfaces overnight to predominantly hardcourts, fast ones at that.

Fact is that the composition of tournaments has been well established for many years. Nadal and his uncle would have known before Nadal ever picked up a racket that most tournaments were played on hardcourts, which happen to be the most neutral surface. Nadal as a kid actually practised a lot more on hardcourts than he ever did on grass and now has spent more tournament time on hardcourts than any other surface, yet they make out as if the predominance of hardcourts is unfair.
That doesn't have much to do with it being fair or not.
""If doesn't exist in sport. If never comes. You have to do it" Nadal
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