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Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
33 votes from delusional Fed brigade 'fans/*****' who are pretty clueless as usual. All most of them know is to worship their Goddess Federina. If we opened a new poll 'Who has the most beautiful nose on the ATP tour', I'm sure Noserer would win that one too.

At least Romismak got it right, being very neutral and realistic.
Thanks, and yes i am neutral i like both of them-funny reason besides gamestyles- i am slovak and Rogerīs wife is slovak too and well Vajda is well knows too i think - so i really am neutral here and saying what i think how it looks like. Everyone has his own opinion, but reallistically 1500 points lead in race with 4000 points left with 4 tournaments in 5 weeks and 3 in 3 weeks under all those circumstances i wrote - Nole is clear favorite to YE No.1 thatīall. And yes Roger can be YE No.1 - there is chance small but there is, but donīt believe in 3/3 indoors and defninitely not all 4 remaining titles for Roger from 4 tournaments
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