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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
I think you're overlooking something. You said that what happens with the racquet before contact is more important than what happens after contact, and, what happens after contact is a byproduct of what happened before contact. If that's so, then what happens after contact can be a good indicator of what happened before contact was executed correctly.
True, and the opposite can be said as well, what happens after contact can be a good indicator that what happened prior to contact was executed incorrectly--as we see in the many vids posted here by players looking for advice. But not always. I said it is 'usually' a byproduct--interesting you chose to leave that out. I see players who try to finish over their head like Nadal, but certainly don't have the same result because they're not doing what he does prior to contact.

Considering the very short time the ball is in contact with the strings, in order to 'hit up and across', a phrase used much more often in these threads than 'pulling up and across', the right to left across movement (for a righty) would have to start before contact, not during or after, to have any effect on the ball.

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