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Originally Posted by XFactorer View Post
All my woven white shorts (Nadal, Delpo shorts) get dingy after a few months of use. But the blue-tinge might be your detergent or something.

It's like a white over-grip. It'll just get more off white the longer you use it.
Yeah all whites do get dingy, but this was really weird cos they changed shade completely within 1 use/wash. I keep close tabs on my white tennis gear. Well here's the deal, could be four things that caused it:

1. Soaked in cold water to get bit of blood out

2. I mark all my tennis balls with my initial and some had been freshly done before play, a little bit of ink got on my hands/overgrip/shorts by the pockets. I dunno if this came out and affected wash, it's happened before but usually no prob

3. Accidentally left in blue-black headband in short pockets but did wash at 30degrees so weird for it to transfer

4. Used some stain devils all-round stain remover on the blood/ink, but kinda went crazy with it, rinsed before putting in machine but dunno if its residue could discolour

I was gonna try some bicarbonate of soda first but I'll look into the sodium tripolyphosphate if that doesn't work. Sorry for the weird laundry related thread, I just recently splashed on a load of flashy gear and am pretty anal about them staying in good nick This is the prob with white gear though...

Cheers guys
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