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Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
hm, disagree with you about Vajda who is a super nice, humble guy. That thing in Madrid is irrelevant and it meant nothing. As for Nole's family, yes, as I said already, they tend to be very annoying especially his father. His mom also said that stupid thing 'King is dead' and people here reacted as if Djokovic said it, but it has nothing to do with Djokovic who actually managed to mature very well as a tennis player and a young man. Nowadays, Djoko goes after his own bossiness and that's it.

I know you dislike Novak, but you are also exaggerating a lot. sorry babe

No he's not. He has a diarrhea of the mouth too. According to him,Andy and **** are going to carry tennis,and have a Fed/Nadal level rivalry. They are the future of tennis,and Fed and Nadal are now irrelevant. You don't see the bs is saying something like that? Especially about Roger Federer?

And sorry,what he did in Madrid DID mean something,and if I said just exactly what I think of him it would get me banned for sure.
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