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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
No he's not. He has a diarrhea of the mouth too. According to him,Andy and **** are going to carry tennis,and have a Fed/Nadal level rivalry. They are the future of tennis,and Fed and Nadal are now irrelevant. You don't see the bs is saying something like that?

And sorry,what he did in Madrid DID mean something,and if I said just exactly what I think of him it would get me banned for sure.
hm, not sure Vajda said that about Nole and Mandy but OK, if he said that he is not that far off considering the fact that Rog is 31yo and Rafa is getting injured all the time. therefore, Novak and Mandy in their prime do become 'future of tennis'.

As for Vajda's celebration I couldn't care less. Anybody can celebrate any way they want to. It's not like they celebrated in front of Rafa's house, not sure what a big deal is. They celebrated in front of their hotel and **** wasn't even there .

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