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Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
I never said that they (Nole/Mandy) will carry tennis or be ever as popular as Rog/Rafa. That will be very hard to achieve but also tennis is not a popularity contest (not to me). Usually the more you win the more popular you become. Rafa's millage is a big problem tho regardless of his young age of 26. Novak also plays a very psychical tennis but he has never suffered from any serious injuries. Mandy was out for almost a year with his wrist injury.

All I'm saying is that Vajda wasn't too off with what he said. as simple as that. Btw, I don't want Rog to retire and I do want to see Rafa 100% healthy as I love tennis and love top 4 rivalries. The thing is Fed will slowly fade away and not sure what to make of Rafa's health etc.

As for that celebration (with or w/o ****), really not sure why it bothers you. I said already they didn't celebrate in front of Nadal's house.

Maybe you didn't,but The Car Humper did.

Yes it is or else we wouldn't have favorites,or fans. And let's face it,every sport needs stars to thrive,and Andy and **** are not Fed/Nadal level stars.

Not yet,but with his style of play it's bound to happen sooner or later. He beats his body up too.

No,he was way off with that statement because Andy and **** will never be at at the level Fed/Nadal are as he suggested they will be. Never. It will not happen,and they cannot be expected to carry the sport the way Fed/Nadal have for many years.

No,but they threw a block party out in front of the players hotel where everyone,including Nadal and his team could see them. They made such a ruckus out there that the Bryan's were posting on Twitter about it because it woke them up,and even Tweeted pictures of it. It was ridiculous,and totally disrepectful for them to do what they did. Trash is as trash does,though.
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