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Originally Posted by toly View Post
Here is on more picture of Federer forehand.

This is a typical Federer FH. It is his bread and butter.

1. He starts hard acceleration from image #3, The maximum acceleration you can see in my post 137.

2. Around impact images 7 and 8 the end of handle moves along of perfect circuit due to the arm is straight, thus the radius of rotation is constant, and center of rotation is stable, images 7 & 8.

3. Before impact the racquet moves to the right and cannot produce clockwise sidespin, but only counterclockwise.
What you have done here is describe in your words what Oscar imo says much better
in his words.
I took out where you mis-state Oscar's positions. Not sure why you think you
can speak for his position since you don't get it and your version while ok,
is not near as useful for a student imo.
Nice try though, but I could gen up a bunch of mis-info and attribute it to your
comments and make them look worse or even wrong. I don't have a need to
mis-represent you like you do for MTM.

Of course I must mention that after the racket works to the right as you say,
it then gets working back to the left in time to give the side spin we see from
Fed normally on this shot, which is around 4:30 to 10:30. (Fed's view)
Even JW will have to admit this if he is honest.
below is a HD vid showing how Fed's normal Fhs tend to break down and rt &
you can even see his Bhs breaking down and left
which is not in agreement with your observations on Fed's spin.
Unless toly is meaning from a front view? is that it?
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