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I do agree ball control is pretty good HOWEVER u have to take into account the pace of ball that is coming to them.. as far as i can see, ball speed is slow-medium.. if pace of ball is fast it's going to be much more difficult to re-direct the ball..

1) Not enough explosive movement and hitting
2) Lack of Pace.. infact i m going to say lack of trying to hit balls with pace.. Obvious reason ,fear of hitting it out which to me means lack of confidence..

Guy in black run around 80% of his BH and doesn't hit a heavy forehand.. i do believe both has adopt such a play when playing matches instead of trying to hit it bigger with more pace.. if you dun try and practice to hit bigger shots in matches for fear of losing there's no way your going to improve.. if i have to put a number to them i would say black shirt low 4.0 and high 3.5 for the guy in white WITH NO-LITTLE chance to up their ratings based on the way they play

bEST post on this thread. Absolutely agree with every word. I mean, imho, OP, sorry but I do not think you guys are a 4.0. More like a strong 3.5 if not just a regular 3.5.

Unless theres an Asian NTRP, then I'd said Asian NTRP your a solid 4.0. Hey, what the heck right? they have asian rackets why not asian NTRP. Not trying to be racist here.

Anyway, the biggest problem you guys have is NO PACE! The serve (even the first serve) is a lollipop. A high end 4.0 player would smack that **** back right in yo face!

Sure your placing the ball well and running around and getting to this ball and that ball, but its not really hard to do when the ball is traveling 35 mph. I'd like to see what happens when you're forced to play someone that can just hit flat and hard. Trust me, you would be placing it anywhere near the lines.

And again, I see this alot amongst ASian players (again not trying to be racist) but they tend to jump before serving A LOT. I mean I don't know if that's how they teach tennis overseas but you gotta watch some PEte sampras or some Roger FEderer buddy. One suggestion I'd have is to work on the serve. Resist the urge to Jump.... and then just tap the ball.

Then work on placement, down the T, out wide. because you have the savvy and know how it seems to construct points. How much easier would it be if you could hit a hard serve and draw your opponent out wide? Then you'd have the whole court to hit your 35 mph winning forehand!

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