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Originally Posted by tailofdog View Post
Wonder who they work for?
Who really cares. You've got those guys from Vantage (or whatever its called now) all over the message board (and remember how ugly that turned a while back), you've had guys obviously pushing Volkl and you've always had reps from Wilson, Head and Prince who pump up their products. Geez, TW themselves are really biased when they review any of the racquets they've had made specially for them (Donnay Pro One, Slazenger Pro Braided or PS 6.0 85). Just have to use some common sense and separate the real information from the hype.

I just wish the guys from these companies would drop the pretense and give us the simple facts about their products. Although I'd be happier if they left us all alone until they've fully worked out their customer service. I've tried to make contact with Vortex in the past; couldn't be done. Had the same issues with Vantage (I know I'm not the only one whose had that problem). Seriously, why bother putting out a product and then making it almost impossible for people to buy it.
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