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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
I'm not for nor against MTM.
That's an inside-out fh. Roger's i/o fh's have sidespin.
That's only 1 stroke. Surely Roger doesn't put the same spin on every shot. Maybe that shot had sidespin. Maybe it didn't. We don't know because that's from the APS vid and we don't have the actual vid of the shot correct? Or do we? Do we know if Roger hit the inside of the ball? (which would create sidespin)
My point is that sidespin is not added intentionally. It is a byproduct of pulling the racquet inwards (and upwards, of course) just prior to contact. The actual amount and orientation of the resulting spin will depend on individual nuances like whether the player uses a straight arm or not, his grip, the height of the ball, and the contact point, among other things. All one can say, I believe, is "yes, there is likely to be sidespin, and lots of it."
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