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Originally Posted by PhrygianDominant View Post
FYB is awesome, and he explains things really, really well. Especially things that are not obvious to beginners, and it's free.
He was better when he first started. In my view, the stuff that he's releasing now just has so much meaningless 'waffle', rather than getting straight to the point. Alot of what he says just seems very inane or repackaged.

Like you say, comforting for beginners who have never heard anything similar before, but not for anyone who really wants to kick on. I find his stuff extraordinarily tedious with his 'Tennis Ninja' nonsense, waffle about spending $35k in video licensing fees (who cares?), and attempts to repackage simple concepts into overly long videos. I wouldn't want him as my coach in a million years. Nothing against the guy personally but his over-emphasis on marketing and repackaging completely alienates me. And that's even taking into account the absurd pricing.

If you want one sentence, punchy tips, Wegner's your man.

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