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Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
Typical MTM vaguery. I get it now, give them as few details as possible then you have less explaining to do. I truly understand MTM now for what it is--and more importanly, for what it isn't.
I give 10 times more info than you share, LOL...

Either way, I try to avoid absolutes. You think that is a bad thing I guess?
Want to share some of your absolutes?

I can see you are working hard to be disagreeable, but why say how much
and you would have said something if I was wrong there, but
you won't tell toly how wrong he
and you sure don't want to confirm my comment even though you know it
is correct. I think that goes to a character issue...dont you?
I'm happy to agree with anything you share that is correct, if you decide
to share anything with the group besides snide remarks.
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