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Default Head IG Extreme 2.0 MP Review

OK, I have played with this racquet the past week and here is my review:

The new Extreme 2.0 MP is a great improvement over the past versions of this racquet. It does not feel harsh and stiff anymore and feels very smooth and clean. Both my racquets are 335 grams with overgrips on and they both come in at 5 pts headlight. The racquet has a rather high swingweight of around 330-335 to it and feels pretty weighty in the head, even though it's rather headlight. It feels polarized in that don't feel the weight in the middle of the frame, rather like it's weighted more on the ends. All this meant was a little adjustment period for me to get used to the higher swingweight and higher static weight. After about the 3rd outing with it, things were clicking and everything felt good. I had mine strung with Head Sonic Pro and Nvy at 52/54.

This racquet is a dream at the baseline. Lots of fun when you have time to set up and really take a big swing. Middle contact makes a loud and satisfying "POW" sound. At first I was a little late soimetimes, especially when going down the line, but after adjusting it was just fine. It reminds me a little of the IG Radical Pro without the flexy feel. The hoop is very round and large and you feel like you can't miss. The sweetspot felt average in size and you know it when you hit one just right. If you relax and use your body to swng, the weight of the racquet allows it to drop into the slot and then the results are excellent. Power is easily had but it was always in control. If you clipped the ball more you can hit a very loopy high bouncing shot or if you extend through the shot, you can drive it nicely. My 2 handed backhand showed some improvement with this racquet, possibly due to the added swingweight and plow. Speaking of which, the MP puts plenty of weight behind the ball. I never felt any instability and it has a very nice and solid feeling when you strike the ball. Again, very similar to the Rad Pro in that respect.
Slice backhands were great and the ball stayed low when my technique was proper.

Volleys were nice and smooth. The weight in the head makes it easy to block back hard replies. It was maneuverable enough for me at the net, but some might feel like it's a little sluggish at first until you get used to it. Had some decent touch to it as well, but overall volleys felt nice and solid.

Serving with this racquet took me a few days to get near my usual level. At first I had a hard time getting my usual pace...probably due to the higher swingweight. After a week, I am serving at my usual pace. I can get good pace on flatter hard serves and have no problem hitting my assortment of slices, flats and the occasional kick and super slicy/drop serve. You cant muscle or "arm" the serve too much or you will get worn out. Once I relaxed and used my lower body more and bent my knees, I got more juice on my serves. It doesn't serve "bombs" like the Rad Pro or PDR, but it's close enough.

Overall I am very pleased I gave this one a chance. This is one of those racquets that make baselining lots of fun and I just look forward to smacking the ball hard with it. It has a nice pleasing impact feeling that makes you want to do it again and again. You do need to watch your footwork though and relax and use your body and set up properly and swing out. This racquet doesn't work with half hearted swings and compact swings. You need to swing to a nice finnish to get the topspin to pull the ball back into the court. If you do this you can hit deep groundstrokes all day long. I would categorize this as an "advanced tweener" due to the higher than average swingweight, but it's pretty user friendly and any club level player 3.5 and up should be able to handle it. I thought I would like the Extreme 2.0 Pro more, but that racquet just overall felt too heavy and advanced for me personally. The Extreme MP does have a high stiffness rating but I didn't feel any discomfort at all or any bad vibes on mishits. It hits a very smooth and crisp feeling ball and when you slightly miss the sweetspot, you may still hit a decent shot, but you "know" you missed.

Anyway, thanks for reading my review and I hope some others can give this one a try. I am quite surprised it's not talked about more in this forum, but maybe it's still too early. There have been many people trying it out at my local tennis center and the reviews are always very favorable. One of my coaches there switched from the Speed 315 to the Extreme 2.0 MP and really loves it.
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