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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
Its a matter of opinion. Ive used Apd cortex and gt, Then I used yonex rdis 100, 200 and 300. Vcore 100 and 98 and then came back to the apd gt. Yonex is much more solid but the design of the aeropro is better for my topspin game. Still, i use yonex 308 shoes. The best, best.
I hope you're kidding, there are racquets that generate more spin than aero pro, since you're talking about spin. The design "aero" doesn absolutely nothing to generate spin.
Try the Yonex EZONE Xi Team 102, a lot more topspin is that's the reason you buy racquet. I have tried the VCore 100S, that one does provide a lot of spin, but how can you measure the spin potential and say Aero Pro produces more topspin than others? Can you say that Aero pro the balls jump higher?
Either way, no offense to you or other people that believe that racquet is spinnest racquet out there, I think you guys need to get over this psychological Nadal's influence.
Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post
Its all about star power...any racquet used by gavin rossdale, jon lovitz, rafael nadal, michael chang, tsonga, woz, schiavone, querrey, baker, paire and countless immortal 4.5 league ringers is gonna get attention whether it plays well or not.

Also hope springs eternal that they will finally make one that doesnt feel like an empty soda can...
Right, it also sounds like a snare drum, I couldn't get use to that noise either, besides all other problems.
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