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The last main stick that I was using frequently was the LM Radical MP. I had it leaded up quite a bit, with silicone in the handle. I don't have specs on hand, but I definitely increased the SW quite a bit.

I've been playing with Gamma RZR 98T for a few weeks, and deciding not to pursue this frame since it's killing my arm (I've used high RA frames before, I think this was just a poor racket design from Gamma).

My main reason for leaving the LM Rad was to find something similar with an open string pattern: hence the YT Rad Pro. The IGs look a lot nicer, and appear to have more friendly stock specs, but I was curious if it actually plays any better. Having been using the RZR 98T, and enjoying it (minus arm pain), I don't think SW is going to be an issue. At $79 on TW, the YT Rad Pro seems hard to beat - except TW gave it lousy reviews.
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