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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
You guys are right. I played the video frame by frame and Cheetah got the impact right.

I see no extension through contact. Frame by frame, after impact, I mentally plotted the perpendicular to the strings and compared it to the ball direction, and they show a steady divergence,

BTW, I seem to have come up above with a scientific meaning of extension: the rate of change of angle between the path of the ball and path of the perpendicular to the strings after impact, normalized to the racket head speed in some way to compare across strokes and players. In other words, how slowly/quickly the two diverge, keeping the RHS the same.

come on sureshs, help toly see what you saw above with how nadals racket
worked across the ball so great you can see it leave the racket further out
than where it landed above in frame by frame.
Pretty clear here how the across starts early enough to work across on
the strings, despite the short dwell time claimed.
You have seen the Nadal Fh hook down and left from Rafa's view.
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