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Originally Posted by T.P3D0R View Post
The last main stick that I was using frequently was the LM Radical MP. I had it leaded up quite a bit, with silicone in the handle. I don't have specs on hand, but I definitely increased the SW quite a bit.

I've been playing with Gamma RZR 98T for a few weeks, and deciding not to pursue this frame since it's killing my arm (I've used high RA frames before, I think this was just a poor racket design from Gamma).

My main reason for leaving the LM Rad was to find something similar with an open string pattern: hence the YT Rad Pro. The IGs look a lot nicer, and appear to have more friendly stock specs, but I was curious if it actually plays any better. Having been using the RZR 98T, and enjoying it (minus arm pain), I don't think SW is going to be an issue. At $79 on TW, the YT Rad Pro seems hard to beat - except TW gave it lousy reviews.
Hey bud,

The LM Rad is a nice stick to lead up. I find it played very well to some lead and silicone! (Agreed on the Gamma, I didn't care for anything from that entire line. Everything sort of bothered my body in one way or another.)

Definitely the IG being capped I feel gives a way more "even" response on off centre hits for the sheer fact it has its mass more evenly distributed across the head. (Go figure eh?) That being said, it doesn't have nearly the plough and raw "effectiveness" that the nonIG does. The nonIG I feel can just bully the ball no matter where. (I train with Open level players who serve absolute bombs. With the IG, I feel a bit of flutter even in the sweet spot, with the nonIG it just feels rock solid)

It depends on what you mean by plays better tbh. If you're used to the higher SW, I don't think there are many better stock rackets out there other then the nonIG that has a decent SW, without being over 12.5oz. If you're looking for a whippier, much more "user friendly" and manuverable frame, then the IG is the way to go.

The main thing I found is that with all else being equal, the IG gives less power and more forgiveness on shots. The NonIG gives more raw power and stability.

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