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Originally Posted by texastornado View Post
I've used the gamma pro rx and the wilson shock shield grip. shock shield is better hands down. On the gamma pro rx your grip feels somewhat contoured due to the way gamma constructed the small middle gel part. The wilson shock shield has more gel and gives a more damped feel, it is basically superior in every way except that the gel is not visible.

I've personally discovered that i love leather though.
What about shrinking period ? Does Wilson Shock Shield shrink faster than Gamma pro RX or slower than Pro RX ?

and i put back on the Gamma pro RX on my racket because i found some leftover in my closet from before. and miracle of all miracles, my shoulder doesn't hurt anymore. I hit for 3 hours and my shoulder has no pain. Before when i had the regular thin grip on there, i couldn't even open the door after hitting for 2 hours. So this stuff does work.

Only thing i hate about is that it keep shrinking smaller and smaller every time i play a match. It is a feeling i just Hate. but if the trade off is no pain then i have no choice.
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